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Hello There! My name is Jessi Violet and this is my blog! Sure, it’s not much but the ramblings of a crazy girl, but it works for me!

What you need to know about me:

-My family and friends are number one with me. No matter what we have each others’ backs and will always be there for each other. I love them all with every fiber of my being.

-I’m Obsessed with:

  • Sunglasses
  • Carmax
  • My phone
  • Football

-My dream is to get back into broadcast media someday. I graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in English. I would love to be a news or sports anchor on television, but would also love to be involved with radio as well. I love both with all my heart. On the side, I’m writing some fiction novels to keep my writing skills up to par while I take some time off from my field.

-Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was in band and choir when I was in high school and younger and I believe that music is life. It helps people escape reality, deal with pain or sorrow, and create joy and happiness. It is a part of all of our souls whatever genre you prefer and it gets you through the day whether you know it or not.

And those are just the beginning of what makes up this soul I call mine. I’m complicated, easy-going, stubborn, loving, and the list goes on and on! So take a chance and click one of the tabs at the top to enjoy my blog and please don’t hesitate to give feedback/criticisms/requests/whatever you please! Thanks for viewing!

[As a side note, I want to mention that I also have two other blogs:]

My health blog is my daily struggle with my weight loss journey and tips/advice how I’m doing it:

My other blog is my portfolio with all my accomplishments over the years, complete with resume and samples: